Open carry or conceal?


 Welcome and thank you for reading, this is my first attempt at a blog. I pray, I can share some knowledge and learn together. So, bear with me on this journey, here goes everything.

  People often ask me my opinion about open carrying or concealing their handgun. To me it is almost a no-brainer, conceal, but it does seem to be a common question. I have been known to be very opinionated about the type of people who open carry. So not to insult anyone out there I will only talk about those who may not have thought about some of the reasons that I teach against it.

 Coming from a military background as well as growing up in the inner city (NYC), I tend to think like the “bad guy”. If someone has an intent to do harm to someone or people, they are going to look for any possible threat to their intentions. Thinking as an assailant, I would look for any weapons to subdue first. I would remove or disable the potential weapon. If I saw a firearm, I would hide/sneak attack. That would be my first victim. They would not see it coming, thus me having the upper hand.

 Think about the current times in America, and the threat of a mass shooter. The first person they would aim at would be that person that has a firearm on them, taking them out of the fight before it even started. I’d rather not be that person. I try to be “The grey man” (Swanagon, joshua), blending in, in plain sight. So, when and if there’s a threat, I am possibly in a position to thwart the threat lord willing.

 With that being said, I would think the question we should be asking is choosing the best concealment method! We can talk about that on my next post so keep an eye out and tune back in. But in the meanwhile, stay safe out there and remember…


Secquone “Q” Tobias

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments, they're always welcomed!


Swanagon, Joshua. “In Plain Sight.” Prepper Survival Guide, 2021, pp. 24–28. Print


  • Secquone Tobias
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  • Marilyn

    Q, thanks for taking time out of your busy life to start this blog. Back in the day (also being from NYC) we were taught not to wear shirts that advertised that you were an officer or a family member of one for the reason you stated. Bad guys look for target victims or possible threats first. Concealment gives a person an upper hand and a better opportunity to surprise a would-be assailant,

  • Cordney

    I agree with your statement and prefer the conceal carry method as well, however, I see more people, especially women going open carry as an attempt at a deterrent. Depending on the crook, this method may or may not deter, however there’s a greater chance the culprit changes thier mind.

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